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Lívia Gál
Gál Lívia

  I live in the mids of the Carpathien basin (HUNGARY,Gyomaendrőd) 40 years ago with my husband and our two sons. I have a wide range of interest, which is reflected in my creativity; I care almost every branch of technique and arts or crafts.


My works

  Around 2003, I decided that I wanted to build miniature worlds. At that time I didn't know that there is a genre in the world named "dollhouse miniature". Now I know that millions prepare every kind of mini all around the world.

  My first success was in 2005 at a national arts and crafts exhibition in Budapest, where my smallies were selected for. In 2011 one of my works was already among the winners, while in 2012 another one had got a special award at the same place. But for me the greatest honor was my solo exhibition this year (2014), which took place during 4 and a half months at 5 scenes (in Békéscsaba and Gyomaendrőd).


My works

  In addition, I also decided very early to search and bring together all the miniature maker living in our country. After a few years of waiting I found one after the other the really good creators and we have held meetings already 6 times. In our country (Hungary) about 15-20 persons make quality miniatures, and three of theme have already officially been IGMA artists.



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